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Is it weird that I don't have a moment in my life I consider "a phase?" I sometimes wonder if I'm just odd for that, given how a few of my friends mentioned they had phases. One in particular mentioned having a "weeb phase," and from the work of another I suspect this other had a "goff phase," or maybe just a "mimicing My Immortal phase."

One could, perchance, surmise the existence of a "Kingdom Hearts phase" from me, but this runs without prior knowledge of my streetcar desire to reclaim the name Naminé from the clutches of people who kicked me out of the Kingdom Hearts fandom for not having the same, terrible opinions as them. If I wasn't exiled from the Kingdom Hearts fandom forcibly, I might have left of my own accord. Another could conceivably see I have a thing for magic, and those who wield it: my liking World of Darkness takes quite a shine in the Tremere, a group of Vampires from Vampire: The Masquerade who became Liches in Mage: The Awakening.

Now that my pseudonym's etymology has been acknowledged, I shall introduce myself as Naminé Tremere.

I am a bit of a hobbyist, with a passion for writing and gaming which take priority over other hobbies. I am not entirely certain there is much of a way for someone to immediately know who I am, strange as that may be. It could just be chalked to me finding myself sleepy. I'm not sure how to sum myself up.

I devised a Dreamwidth account, when I had learned of this site through a charming friend who goes by the name of Remolay. I have pretty much hopped around from one segment of the Internet to another, as far as some subcultures go. I learned this from moving around a lot as a child, although I'm not entirely sure moving around from website to website is necessarily a good or wise thing to learn. I have become a bit more familiar with blogging nowadays, though. There isn't too much I would otherwise know, as far as storytelling is concerned.

I shall try to gather my thoughts of what would be interesting to tell. Otherwise, I shall currently try to catch up on sleep, as pitifully difficult as that is.
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